Christmas Gift Guide Over $25

Gifts over $25. Treat your loved ones (and yourself) wonderful this Christmas.

The true spirit of Christmas is in the joy of giving. But you mustn’t forget about yourself in the process. With this in mind, the GODIVA chocolatiers have created a kind-hearted collection of gifts over $25 – a tribute to warmth, generosity and your taste buds. And to cheekily giving with the hope of receiving some GODIVA of your own in return. Discover liberal lashings of ganache, gifts of supreme richness, and a plush Christmas bear. From generous boxes to festive shaped ornamental pralines, a GODIVA Christmas is centred around gifts made with love.

Christmas Plush Bear $39.90

Our plush GODIVA bear is a sweet gift for children in more ways than one. Accompanied by Holiday Sujet Flavours from our master chocolatiers – an enchanting Noël Blanc Snowman, Noël Noit heart, Chocolate Penguin and traditional Tourbillon Praline – they won’t let it out of their sight.

Christmas Stocking $39.90

This charming Christmas Stocking contains a cache of our most prized creations adored by children and adults alike. Replete with a selection of our famous GODIVA Chocolate Pearls, Bars and G Cubes – chocolate-covered smiles are all but guaranteed.

Christmas Tree $57

Whimsical festive artwork by Emily Carew Woodard hints at the playful GODIVA treasures inside. Delight your tastebuds with coveted limited creations from our Holiday Dessert Flavours – Milk Chocolate Almond Cookie, Moelleux Caramel Framboise and Mosaic Macadamia.

20 Piece Chocolate Praline Box $75

With no less than twenty pieces of delectable GODIVA chocolate inside, this beautifully boxed gift is sure to surprise and delight even the hardest to please – filled with limited edition Christmas creations such as Dark Chocolate Pear Vanilla, Noel Lait Praline and Eclat Feuilletine. If you’re lucky, they might even share.

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