Christmas Gift Guide Under $25

Gifts under $25. The grandest gifts come in petite packages.

An old Belgian proverb says: ‘He who does not wish for little things does not deserve big things’. In the spirit of Christmas, we couldn’t help but agree. The GODIVA Holiday Collection includes a selection priced very nobly under $25. So if your friends, family (or indeed yourself) wish for a small gift, let it be our carefully handcrafted truffes, pralines and carres. Wonderfully wrapped, beautifully boxed or in a charming keepsake tin, with festive artwork by Emily Carew Woodard – the smallest of gifts aren’t small at all. Note: if you were to reward yourself with a little treat for ‘secret Santa’, all would be forgiven. Here’s a taste:

3 Piece Chocolate Assortment, $7.90

If only Christmas could last as long as the sweet and lasting moments of our milk and dark chocolate truffes. Individually wrapped, they’re the perfect gift for all. Or for one – go on and treat yourself wonderful this festive season.

5 Piece Christmas Ornament, $11.90

A luxurious assortment of G cube truffes including dark, milk, hazelnut praline, dark vanilla and milk salted caramel. Invite a little wonder (for your eyes and your taste buds) with this whimsical Christmas-themed box.

4 Piece Chocolate Praline Box, $14.90

Discover one package that truly lives up to its alluring wrapping. Complete with a limited release Christmas Chocolate, Limited Carres and a GODIVA Classic Chocolate – while four pieces may be enough, you just might wish for more.

3 Piece Christmas Tree Keepsake, $24.90

While the glittering, limited edition tin by Emily Carew Woodard will become a treasured keepsake, the GODIVA chocolates inside likely won’t be around for long. Delight in three delectable pieces including White Chocolate Mocha, Noel Lait Praline and our traditional Tourbillon.

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