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Gold Collection Gift Box, 15 Pieces | 132g

Carrés Classic Collection Gift Box, 36 Pieces | 185g

Beautiful gift

This gift box is stunning! Delivered quickly and made my mum so happy

Fantastic Service, Fantastic Products

Emmie was amazing to work with. Great customer service that made it easy to order in bulk.
The chocolates are high quality in stunning packaging.
Will definitely be using Godiva in the future!

Very Well Received Mothers Day Gift!

Very Well Received Mothers Day Gift! Thanks so much for making such great chocolates. They are being savored as we speak. The smoothness, the texture. Very muchly loved. Thanks so much. They are the best chocolates they've had I heard from them!

Love these eggs

Get these bigger ones, as the minis don’t have the right chocolate to sugar coating ratio for my liking.


Yummy truffles, some aren’t overly sweet and a lot of the flavors balance out nicely.

Choco Biscuit

The biscuit is not sweet and it is crunchy, it is like a salty biscuit (crackers vibe) and then the chocolate is sweet. So it balances it out. I enjoyed it, but it depends on taste buds tbh.

Grand Place Gift Box, 30 Pieces

The best chocolate

Must try chocolates. Loves their dark & chocolate covered pretzels 🥨😍

Excellent chocolate

Very happy with the purchase

Easter Bundle.

So good that everyone squirreled theirs away and didnt want to share them!! Will definitely be getting some more.

Amazing Lil Eggs

Amazing Lil Eggs! Well received gift. They are exquisite. Thanks so much for creating such an amazing product. Eggsited :p for next years eggs!

Hazelnut Praline Eggs

What a wonderful taste sensation!!!

Yummy cookies

Beautiful cookies, totally recommended

Praline speckled Eggs

Crispy sugar coated chocolate praline that melts in the mouth!!! Yummy

A gorgeous chocolate and almond egg!

Wonderful chocolate paired with almond slivers. The crunch of the chocolate and almond match perfectly! Nuts in chocolate are normally gritty, but not these!

I hope you will have them again next year!

A Dozen Speckled Eggs Hazelnut Praline, 12 Pieces | 120g

Chelate is great

Loved the Easter Chocolate!!

Luxury Eggs Easter Bundle

Overall the order was nice, although the chocolates had melted in transit, which I was not happy with given the cost of the chocolates. This was the second time I ordered and the first time was amazing, disappointed this time round.


These chocolates are the best I've eaten and I have eaten some very good chocolates.

Easter Chocolate

This 12-piece Velveteen collection was one of my favorite Easter chocolate selections. An exceptional combination of flavors and textures. The Dark Chocolate passionfruit with pink pepper will be my staple Easter chocolate from now on! A sunshine yellow that reminds us of life and energy, perfect way to celebrate the holiday of rebirth. The exotic flavor combination transports me to the Caribbean with an endless revery for the spectacular tulip farms, bursting in spring colors.

Delicious thank you