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The Legend of Lady Godiva

11th Century

As English legend tells it, the fearless Lady Godiva protested her husband’s taxation of Coventry’s townspeople by riding her horse through the streets with only her flowing locks covering her modesty. Centuries later, this became the nickname of founder Pierre Draps Snr’s longhaired wife, inspiring the GODIVA moniker.

Belgium, 1926

Intrepid chocolatier Pierre Draps Snr. began perfecting the delicate art of pralines from his confectionery workshop in Brussels. Born into the world of chocolate, Pierre’s sons, Joseph, Francois and Pierre Jnr. honed their skills alongside their father. They would later go on to build his dream of crafting Belgium’s (and some say, the world’s) finest chocolates.

Signature Lait


In a trademark showcase of style and innovation, Pierre Draps Snr. created the Signature Lait chocolate for the film premiere of Gone With The Wind – meticulously handmade to match actress Scarlett O’Hara’s iconic hat.


1945, Brussels

In what can only be described as the perfect setting, GODIVA opened its first boutique in the picturesque hometown of founder Pierre Draps Snr, Brussels, Belgium.

Truffe Originale


Ever the artist, Pierre Draps Jnr. perfected the famed GODIVA Truffe Originale. A delicious masterpiece, intense dark chocolate mousse is encased in (even more) dark chocolate and then rolled in pure cocoa powder. This innovative approach changed the industry forever.

Royal Warrant


In recognition of chocolate mastery, GODIVA was honoured as the official chocolatier of the Royal Court of Belgium. The prestigious Royal Warrant not only acted as the ultimate stamp of approval, but confirmed GODIVA’s position as the purveyor of high quality Belgian chocolate around the globe.

International Expansion


From humble beginnings in the streets of Brussels, GODIVA boutiques soon opened in the world’s most sought-after shopping destinations – from the glittering boulevards of Paris to New York City’s Fifth Avenue and the acclaimed Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo.

Royal Wedding


Specially created to mark the wedding of Belgium’s Crown Prince Philippe to Princess Mathilde, the eternally delicious Truffe Mathilde and Truffe Philippe have stood the test of time. Complex and rich in flavour, these evocative coffee truffles continue to inspire wonder in chocolate lovers around the world.

Legacy lives on

Chef Yannick

In his endless pursuit of artistry, Pierre Draps Jnr. crafted GODIVA chocolates until his very last day in 2012. The proud family legacy is now continued by our five chief chocolatiers across the globe, who are tasked with bringing the GODIVA legacy into the 21st century.

Australian Expansion

Melbourne, 2017

Bringing the exquisite taste of Belgian chocolate to the rest of the world, GODIVA opened its first store in Australia at Emporium, Melbourne.

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