How We Pack Your Order

The perfect GODIVA experience is always our priority.

We package your precious chocolate with care and perfection: that means, with insulating foil and, when the weather is warm, a special ice pack. Your order is then carefully wrapped in beautiful black tissue paper and sealed with a foiled sticker.

Shipping during hot weather

If we are concerned about extreme heat causing damage to your chocolate (and it won’t be everything you dreamed of), we delay delivery until it is a perfect temperature to ship. If this results in excessive delay, we will contact you to arrange an alternate delivery date.

No Melt-Guarantee

All of your purchases are covered by our No Melt Guarantee. If your chocolate and gifts arrive melted or affected by hot Australian weather, we guarantee that we'll set it right: whether by refund, replacement or gift card issue as appropriate.

Your chocolate and your experience is important to us, and we will go the length required to make your chocolate experience a GODIVA standard: meaning, perfect. Your order is covered by our terms of service